010 - 5 Senses Olympics - kindergarten

Kindergarten boys got in the spirit of Fall through the 5 senses. Testing their sense of smell through fall candle scents. Sorting Halloween candies by color. Tasting spooky themed flavors. And more!


Here, boys are testing their sense of smell and matching them against pictures. Cinnamon buns, pumpkin spice, apple cider, evergreen forest, and vanilla scented "ghosts."


Boys created their own colored goggles to see if it makes it harder for them to sort their colored candies.


What's that taste: sour witch's brew (lemon juice), Skeleton (pretzel) bones, graveyard grass (kale), or a trick-or-treat candy?


What does it feel like? A spider's web? Goblin eyeballs (aqua balls)? Slime? Brains (cauliflower and jello)? A pumpkin?

Even the older boys want to touch the goblin eyeballs!