009 - Egg Drop Challenge - 1st grade

First Grade Engineering Design Process

  • Research (check!)
  • Prototype (check!)
  • Test (check!)
  • Analyze results (check!)
  • Discuss strategies for improvement (check!)

On Egg Drop Day the enthusiasm was so powerful, we had on-lookers peering through the fence from recess, through the windows during lunch, and through the library door. In true engineer spirit, we celebrated the eggs that survived the 1.5 story descent and celebrated the eggs that had an epic wipe-out. 

Their conclusion:

  1. Cotton balls are excellent padding.
  2. Parachutes are always good.
  3. A strong capsule is preferred.


  1. Will they survive a drop for a taller height?
  2. What if we only used straws? (See video: https://youtu.be/nsnyl8llfH4)
  3. How can we do this with less materials?