001 - First Day of School

8:00 am

Welcome back to school! This morning we arrived to school to a big surprise - a traffic jam. Just kidding, we were welcomed with a crowd of lovely families sending off their boys to their first day at school. Many in this photo are parents with their kindergarteners, joining the Town family for the first time. What a delight. 

It was a day of meeting new teachers, new students, new families, and reuniting with old friends.

Welcoming assembly with 3rd & 4th graders.

Of course, the highlight of any first day is LUNCH! Here is lunch with kindergarten. Pizza & watermelon.

Sign language applause to show our appreciation to the kitchen staff and parent volunteers.

The STEM 1 lab saw lots of action from the older boys today. Exploring, making messes, asking questions, drawing conclusions, and cleaning up. 

5th grade boys investigating a magical sand-like material.