See what students are saying in the STEM Lab.

Ways "electricity" is spelled in 3rd grade:

  • elextrindy
  • elektrisat
  • electshesutdy
(pre-lesson) Why is the Sun important?
- We can’t live without the sun because it gives us life!
- The sun is important because we need light to see. We need energy for technology.
- It makes plants to give us food
- Cause then the world would be dark.
— Students in 3A
(Pre-lesson) Why should we learn about science?
- for jobs
- observation skills and tools
- nuclear power and energy
- better lives
— Students 4B
ENI is fun because you are able to come up with ideas by yourself and with your team. We tried a lot of things, and our tower didn’t work anyways. It was still fun.
— 3rd grade ENI
(Why do we study science?) A long time ago people thought that the sun orbited the earth, but with science, people knew that was wrong.
— 4th grade (J.A.)
"The flat paper falls slower because it is bigger and touches more air. The ball of paper falls faster because it is smaller."

-- 1st grade

The projects in ENI are challenging because you have to think about how you are making your tower tall and strong at the same time. You also have to listen to your groups’ ideas and plan together.
— 4th grade ENI
We can’t live without the Sun. Because it provides warmth and light and most important LIFE.
— 3A (R.R.)